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Researching Your House or Street
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If you have an interest to do some research into your house, someone else's house, the street or the neighbourhood, we have created some historical analysis tools and information sources.

This section of the website suggests a basic process to research the background to your house, street or neighbourhood and identifies sources of information and help available.  

The process can be likened to “detective work”, a “logical process” with similarities to a scientific process. You are looking for “clues”. From these you can create some theories and then set out to prove them and reach conclusions.  Because we are often dealing with incomplete information, there is a limit to the precision. It is satisfactory to have a “high probability” that a conclusion is correct, when it is supported by as many verifiable facts as possible.

Gerrards Cross House History Process

First Steps

Specific Research

Historical Analysis Tools

Looking at Plans

Census Information


Results - Sharing with the Community

Please note that the whole House History Process can be downloaded (32 kb) in PDF format and printed for clarity and ease of use away from your computer.

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