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Results: Sharing with the Community

When you have achieved some results you can summarise along the following lines:

  • Names of residents (and owners), with dates, names of the house (if this has changed over the years);
  • Any planning application numbers;
  • You may also have found out more about the people who lived in the house, the architect and builder, which could all be recorded.

The GX2006 team put together a large amount of information. However, this is only the beginning. When you have done your research, perhaps you would be willing to share it with others. If so send us an email with the results of your researches.  We are going to experiment in gathering the results of community research and showing this on the website to help others with their researches. Please make clear the current address of the property. Information will be stored on the website and shown by street. Your name, email address and telephone number will not be shown unless you authorise this. 

We hope that you enjoy this research process and that you achieve satisfaction from your results. If you do, please let us know by email.

One of the objectives of GX2006 was to discover the houses built in Gerrards Cross after the Railway came. We hope this research and your own will help to make visible the “Heritage” represented by these old houses, many of which are attractive and beautiful. It is for individual owners and groups in the community to “save” these properties from the demolition squad to preserve the Heritage and retain the charm that will give pleasure to future generations and continue to make Gerrards Cross a desirable place to reside in the future.

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