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First priority is to decide what you are interested in? Is it the history of your house? Are you interested in the Architect?

Is there an Original Plan & Design? How the house has changed or what it was called in the past? Perhaps you wish to find who lived there? Where did they come from and what about their family?


What do you know already? Do you have title deeds and conveyances for the house? Have any of your neighbours or their families been at their house for a long time and what can they tell you.

The new book, “A History of Gerrards Cross” by Julian Hunt and David Thorpe will provide general background to the area and specific background to your neighbourhood. This can be purchased at Gerrards Cross Library.

'A Historical Atlas of Gerrards Cross' edited by David Thorpe and Julian Hunt documents the research of the GX2006 Project with detailed maps and analysis of the development and people of Gerrards Cross.

Now look at some Specific Research.

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