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If you have them, review the Title Deeds. Title History and Conveyances and identify previous owners and dates of transactions.

The Land Registry has Title Deeds for every property. These are summaries of the legal documents for the house, which are often held at the Bank or Building Society. Sometimes your solicitor will hold a file of documents, but as the historical documents are not a legal requirement, many of these old documents have been thrown away. However, maybe your immediate neighbours have documents that can be useful. The “covenants” that were defined 100 years ago for the land and buildings around Gerrards Cross may still apply and can constrain development, but they also specify the early owners of the land and first purchasers of specific plots or properties.

If you do not have paper records, download the Title from the Land Registry The “Charges Register” gives dates of covenants and typically gives the owners of the land and the first purchaser.  Look for other “name and date” information.

Look at the Historical Analysis Tools available to you on this website.

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