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"My Research"

Store of further Research by the Community

If you have had some success in tracing the history of your house and who lived there, perhaps that is information that will be of interest to others. It may help other members of the Community with their own research. So please share your results through this website.

Please send an email to GX2006 containing your results. You should make it clear which house address or neighbourhood was the subject of your research. The results will be stored in this 'area' and will be accessible to the anyone interested in the same area.

You can see the results gathered so far at:

"My Research"

This page will be constructed when we begin to receive
information from people about their experiences in finding
out about their house or neighbourhood.

Perhaps you could be the first to contribute?

If you are having difficulty in your research, perhaps you would like to email us with your question(s). These emails will be stored so that any member of the Community, if they have information, can contact you, via this website, to offer advice and suggestions. You will find this feature at:

Help! once we have received any pleas for assistance.

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