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Architects' Drawings
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Some of the Architects were 'local', but some of the best Architects of the day were commissioned to design properties for speculators and owners. Several of the 'national' Architects came to live in the town and some of the 'local' Architects made their name in Gerrards Cross and developed a national reputation.

All the Architects of properties in Gerrards Cross have been analysed with a remarkable result. Twenty-nine of the Architects achieved the highest ranking status of 'Fellow' of the Royal Institute of British Architecture. For a town the size of Gerrards Cross, having one 'FRIBA' would be surprising; to have 29 is outstanding!

Many of the builders of the early houses had been involved in housing development in central and west London for many years and brought high standards of quality building to Gerrards Cross. But it was Y J Lovell and Sons, originally from Marlow, which was the most prolific, with over 230 houses built by 1937.

It was the combination of Agents, who needed houses to sell, with Builders, Architects and Surveyors, funded by the financiers that drove the rapid expansion of the 'Village'.

Some of the best Architects’ drawings are displayed in the Exhibition, many illustrated in water colours. Most of these properties are still standing. Selected from over 1750 planning applications that are held in the archives in Aylesbury, around 100 drawings are on display by Abbott, Beard, Burgess, Forbes & Tate, Hamp, Johnson, Muir, Prevost, Ranger, Tanner and others. A full listing of all the Architects' Plans of Residential Properties is shown on the next page.

We also have some personal histories of a few of the individual architects and builders of Gerrards Cross.

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